About Us

At Standard Burger, we don’t settle. We’re constantly raising the bun (pun, or shall we say bun, intended). Offering a unique and customizable burger experience, our menu is sure to please every eater.

The Burger
There are two ways to enjoy our burgers: build your own or choose one of our house created burgers from our “Burgers that Raise the Bun” menu. Whatever option you choose you can’t go wrong!

Our burgers start with freshly baked artisan buns from a local bakery to create the perfect base for your burger masterpiece. Next, we place one of our fresh burger patties. We pride ourselves on the quality of the meat we serve and proudly source all of our meat from Pat LaFrieda Meat Purveyors.  Now for the toppings! We searched far and wide for the finest of cheeses, from our neighbors in New Jersey to friends in Wisconsin, to compliment these burger creations. Finally, each burger is topped with only the freshest produce and our tasty homemade sauces.

The Potato Bar
What’s better than a great burger? A great burger with a side of potato! Our Potato Bar features house-made potato chips, three kinds of fries and baked potatoes you can load up with tons of toppings.

The Shake Bar
Finish your meal at our Shake Bar, where you’ll enjoy premium quality milkshakes whipped up by our master dessert chef. All of our ice creams and desserts have been carefully designed to compliment our menu, taking your Standard Burger experience to new heights.

So whether you’re looking to eat out with your family or friends, Standard Burger will raise the bun to ensure you have a great time, every time!